Hi, I'm Scott

And I've worked in the creative industry for more than 20 years with clients such as the Wall Street Journal, DreamWorks, Coca Cola, Snapple and The University of Alabama at Birmingham

More about me

User Interface

Pixel Perfect Slickness

I build user interfaces that are creative, practical and delight the user as well caring about the developers who code it.

User Experience

Empathy for users...and devs

Starting with doodles on napkins and ending with wireframes, I care about crafting out a user experience that's ubiquitous

Front End Development

Brought to you by Mark HAML

If words like ES6, React, HAML, Sass, Atom, Foo, Bootstrap, 'Hello World!' and GitHub mean anything to you, this section is for you


The pen is mightier

For more than 20 years I've been an illustrator working for major companies, including the Wall Street Journal, DreamWorks, Coca Cola, Toyota, Snapple and McGraw-Hill.


A moving picture is worth 100,000 words

One of my favorite things to do is animate especially using vector animations and Adobe's After effects to create cutting edge gifs