I have been in the creative industry more than 20 years. Currently I work as a front-end developer and user-interface designer for ProctorU.

I enjoy coding on top of Bootstrap and have been proud to help develop our own CSS Framework, Hootstrap. In the past I鈥檝e been an illustrator for the Wall Street Journal,an animator for DreamWorks and worked with dozens of ad firms, publishing companies and major corporations (such as McGraw-Hill, Coca-Cola and Toyota). I live and die by two week sprints in an Agile environment and work with a great team of developers.

I鈥檝e given a TEDx Talk, published a [book], and (https://www.amazon.com/Trail-Magic-Art-Soft-Pedaling-ebook/dp/B00NJQZ6GK), shown artwork in various galleries, am an Eagle Scout and an INFJ given lectures at various universities, lived in abroad, like techy gadgets.

In 2013 I rode my mountain bike from Canada to Mexico in the hardest race in the world, the Tour Divide (not like that wimpy race, the Tour De France.

I also enjoy photography, love my dog and I play well with others.