When I was a kid I saw Disney’s The Jungle Book and remember thinking “This is what I want to be in life, an animator.” After college I spent months creating an animation portfolio that I sent out to every animation firm in the world (at the time, around 30) and was rejected by everyone. I was crushed but it never crushed my spirit.

After I started my illustration freelance career working with clients like McGraw-Hill and The Wall Street Journal, I got a phone call one day from DreamWorks saying they needed some extra help for a project called Shrek, and I got to be part of the team. My childhood dream was realized.

I use both After Effects and hand drawn frames to create my illustrations. It’s an extremely timely process but a fun one.

Weightlifter animation loop

Fisherman animation loop

Cat animation loop

Chicken animation loop

Panda animation loop

Panda animation loop

Slender Man animation loop

Westworld animation loop

Star Wars animation loop

Hand-drawn and finished in Adobe After Effects