Did a CSS code challenge where I learned a few new terms

  • CSS Stylus (which is like another shorthand for HAML)
  • It’s almost impossible to multi-select blocks of code like you can do in Atom
  • The star key (this –> * ) is CSS code for “select all

This project was tricky, not so much because of the HTML or CSS, but writing in CSS Stylus. My eyes would run together and I never knew what line I was on (much like HAML), so I actually prefer regular ol’ SASS (or CSS) for projects like these. Still, it was fun to get to do some coded animations.

None of this code is original, nor mine, it’s by Andreas Storm. I merely used it to learn and mimick some code. It’s my firm belief that if you code like this often (and consistently), you eventually can do it on your own by way of muscle memory.

You can see the code and how the animation functions by looking here

See the Pen KBMVWK by scott thigpen (@sthig) on CodePen.