In the 90s I got my first illustration project, creating a flyer for a frat party. More than two decades later and I鈥檝e work with clients including McGraw-Hill, BBVA Compass bank, The Wall Street Journal, DreamWorks, Coca Cola, Snapple and Toyota. I even won an award once for an editorial piece.

My drawing tool of choice to draw with has always been Adobe Illustrator and until a few years ago I used it religiously. I have recently switch to Affinity and Sketch (in my opinion, these apps are far superior to Adobe CC).

While most of my illustrations are SVG intended for web apps, I still show work in galleries as well as accept commissions.

Illustration of Maleficent

Illustration I did of a deer

Illustration of Strongman with a quote

Illustration of Edwards Scissorhands

Illustration of the Alabama Theater

Illustration of a book cover

Illustration I did for the Wall Street Journal

Illustration I did for Sloss Furnace

Illustration I did of a wolf