To always keep improving as a UiUX designer, I try to read over the “Laws of UX” weekly. I do this to remember when creating and app or webpage, making the user think is a huge no-no, I want a user’s experience to be pleasant and ubiquitous.

Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable.

Where I work there is a lot of banter between Android and iPhone users. iPhone users are always percieved as design snobs and maybe that’s true (or maybe not, I think iTunes’ ui is an absolute stinker.).

I remember when the iPhone came out I was instantly drawn to it, not because it was a shiny new piece of metal but because the design was so beautiful and well laid out.

Also, when a new software version of the iPhone (iOS) was coming out and they deliberated over the drop shadow of the buttons and how many pixels it should…should it be 2px or 3px? Apple literally debated over a few pixels on a drop shadow. This is how important design is.

When I taught at UAB, I used to tell my students about presenting their work and why it was so crucial to make sure to consider every last detail.

I would tell them:

You walk into a high end restuarant to get an ice cream float . The shake comes out to you delivered on a silver platter, there’s frost all around the shake’s glass and the ice cream has been perfectly scooped in with a beautiful red cherry on top and a stainless steel straw to sip it’s delicious goodness out of.


You go to Wendy’s and get a Frosty, you get sticky all over your hands.

Which one are you going to like better? Sure the Frosty is quicker and not as expensive but a user still would be drawn to the beauty of the ice cream float instead.

This is why I meticulously work on my experiences and designs for a user making sure they get the best experience I can give them.